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There are literally countless celebrities in the night skies as well as the night sky is separated up right into great deals of constellations. However, to the nude eye there are only about 6,000 stars visible so this narrows things down a bit for us! As well as this 6,000 star number is under really dark skies as well as near ideal watching conditions. As well as the large bulk of these stars are extremely really dark!

For sensible purposes I have made this listing up of some of the better and more colorful celebrities and also what constellations they are in. These are the celebrities that stand apart in the evening skies and all of them are named. Note that they are the brightest for a couple of different reasons. A celebrity could be one of the brightest because it is rather near to us, or it can merely be a very brilliant celebrity. Or a combination of both! It could be really bright as well as extremely close!

There are a couple of fascinating points to keep in mind when it comes to this checklist of stars:

  • Two constellations top this checklist: Orion as well as The Southern Cross
  • The Southern Cross covers the checklist with three of the brightest stars. You can only see this constellation from the southerly hemisphere though! This leaves us in The United States and Canada out!
  • Orion is a really easily indentifiable constellation and also it has three of these celebrities on the listing.
  • Both Alpha Centauri and also Sirius are really interesting item on the listing since to the naked eye they look like one star yet actually they are binary stars as well as this is part of the reason they are so brilliant- they have two stars adding to their light.
  • Having a look at the colors of the brightest celebrities: A few of these stars are famous for their color, Sirius is a lovely blue white, Aldebaran is a red/orange, Arcturus is orange as well as Deneb is blue.


Star Name Constellation
Sirius Canis Major
Canopus Carina
Arcturus Bootes
Alpha Centauri Centaurus
Vega Lyra
Rigel Orion
Procyon Canis Minor
Betelgeuse Orion
Achernar Eridanus
Capella A Auriga
Altair Aquila
Aldebaran Taurus
Capella B Auriga
Spica Virgo
Antares Scorpius
Pollux Gemini
Fomalhaut Piscis Austrinus
Deneb Cygnus
Mimosa Crux (Southern Cross)
Regulus Leo
Acrux Crux (Southern Cross)
Adara Canis Major
Shaula Scorpius
Gacrux Crux (Southern Cross)
Bellatrix Orion
El Nath Taurus


There are literally millions of celebrities in the evening skies as well as the evening skies is split up into whole lots of constellations. To the nude eye there are just around 6,000 celebrities noticeable so this tightens things down a bit for us! For useful functions I have actually made this list up of some of the more vibrant and more vibrant stars as well as what constellations they are in. A celebrity can be one of the brightest since it is quite close to us, or it could simply be a very brilliant star. The Southern Cross tops the listing with three of the brightest celebrities.

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